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, but as of now the rally is still on, 5:30 eastern on monday. later, the former u.s. ambassador to kuwait and somalia discusses diplomacy in conflict zones in the light of attacks in egypt and libya. >> would you support an increase in the presence of the national guard at the u.s.-mexico border in light of this drug violence? >> this is a very complex issue and it takes cooperation between the united states and mexico. i know that you are aware that there was an agreement between the united states and mexico where we help with technical support for boats and aircraft, to help with the war on drugs and the cartels in mexico. this is something we continue to have to do. a pass so, if the people of texas to not know, look it up, pal passover -- el paso is one of the safest cities in america. this is a great community and a great economic engine for our state. >> i have already stated that we should triple the u.s. border patrol. we have to get serious. the question you raised is an important question. mexico is a great and mighty nation and it is tragic what is happening in mexico. i was vi
baldwin in their third and final debate for wisconsin u.s. senate seat. they are competing for the seat of retiring senator herb kohl. this is courtesy of wisn. it is about an hour. >> hello everyone. welcome to our conversation with the candidates. tonight we are done with -- by tammy baldwin and former governor tommy thompson. thank you to both of you for participating tonight. we are in the appellate court room of the law school at marquette university. i'm the host of the statewide public affairs program. the rules are simple. the candidates have jaundice for a conversation about the level of government in our lives. we have asked them to stay on point. the candidates can talk to one another but i will be managing the time is spent on a particular topic. we will have the freedom to move the conversation along. each candidate will have a closing statement along with the 90 statements. -- 90 seconds. there are no opening statements. we flipped a coin. we will begin with night -- tonight with tammy baldwin. i will ask the both the same kind of question. about your portrayal in this cam
had been back filled by other parts of the department. >> but not with u.s. military? >> no, sir. >> that's all i need to know. and i really appreciate you folks taking all the time today. >> colonel wood would you respond? you looked like you were chomping at the bit. would you agree with that? >> no, sir i would not agree. a special forces soldier is way above the skill level of a hired local national armed way pistol or even the m.s.d. agents that were on the ground as well. >> i think i remember the quote never take a knife to a gun fight. with that we go to the gentleman from connecticut. >> thank you very much mr. chairman. and i add my gratitude to those members of the diplomatic corpse who are putting their lives on the line for this country my sympathy to those of the families who were lost. i think the most important questioning was about 20 minutes ago about what level of security might have been necessary to repel this attack. and i wanted to pursue that one step further -- >> would the gentleman yield for a second? >> sure. >> in order to extra kate successfully thos
provider. >> in his weekly address, president obama talks about the u.s. economy and consumer financial regulations law. then u.s. congressional candidate ann wagner from missouri gives the republican address. she's discusses the u.s. economy and tax policy. >> hi, everybody. it's now been four years since the crisis that began on wall street spread to main street. hammering middle class families and ultimately costing our economy 9 million jobs. since then we fought our way back. our businesses added more than 5 million new jobs. unemployment rate has fallen to the lowest level since i took office. home values are rising again and our assembly lines are humming once more. to make sure america never goes through a crisis like that again we passed tough new wall street reform to end taxpayer-funded bailouts for good. wall street reform also created the first of ever independent consumer watchdog whose sole job is look out for you. that is making sure you have all of the information you need to make important financial decisions like buying a home or paying for college and it means going
cases. together with the u.s. attorney's offices around the country, the criminal divisions, computer crimes and intellectual property section, my office is actively partnering with fda, oci, all the other branches you have heard today. dea, postal service. investigating the wide variety of unlawful trafficking that we see. as we heard this morning, from tim and as we have been hearing throughout the day, the availability of drugs has skyrocketed. anyone with a computer can order drugs on line using search engines, using b2b sites. they can do this for personal use or for resale. their findings, more and more, anyone with a computer can set himself up as a wholesaler. they can buy drugs from china, india, pakistan, wherever and resell them through their own internet web sites. it can be counterfeit, and approved, steroids -- the wide variety of drugs that are out there. as you know, some of those drugs contain too much active ingredient, too little active ingredient, and no active ingredient. something completely different. just, nothing at all. a lot of challenges out there. we have
of an overt war with the islamic republic. in new overt use of u.s. force to disarm yet another middle eastern state of weapons of mass destruction that it does not have, while staying quiet about israel's 200-plus nuclear weapons arsenal, would elevate already high levels of anti-american sentiment in the middle east, threaten our remaining allies there, and render their cooperation with the united states practically impossible. and u.s. military action against the islamic republic would have no international legitimacy, no u.n. security council authorization, and no allies by israel, and maybe -- and i stress maybe -- the u.k., if you were reading the press this morning about their latest legal opinion. the larger part of the interpret community -- and remember, 120 of the u.n.'s 193-member states are part of the align movement, who voted to have the islamic republic as their chair, and they're already on record as saying they would consider an attack illegal, and that would ratify america's image as an outlaw superpower. this is really important today compared to even a few years ago. becau
under section 1331, is that it is and application of u.s. substantive and remedial lot. and the offenses were telling the other country they have to entertain private civil litigation. and there is a difference -- >> you're right about that. what about bradford? >> bradford is the best thing the petitioners have and the founding iraq. he could have been speaking about the high seas. >> if you read it, it looks as if what he was up said about or what britain was upset about was an american. >> it was americans, but if properly read, the hostilities of which he spoke was the high seas part of the conduct. it was an american who piloted the french fleet 60 miles from the a list -- illes de los to the sierra leone river. >> before your time runs out, there would be no basis under the alien tort statute. but assume for a moment that those two cases -- that we accept them -- to accept them. is there anything different about your case? >> yes, your honor. there are many differences between us and filartiga. this is a case in which there is a class action against a corporation. if he did not agr
obama has moved the u.s. away from israel, it has opened a new rift. the situation in libya, because we're dealing with islamic extremists who committed a terrorist attack and assassinated our ambassador, it speaks to the larger issue of whether president obama will make things better in the middle east. i would argue he has not. i would argue he made things worse. anyone would agree things are not better their than before he took office. host: let's go to debbie. caller: i am from michigan. i appreciate your comment about a earthlings. i am one of those earthlings. i do not understand why none of the media has picked up on what romney said in the debate when president obama was talking about tax breaks for moving overseas. mitt romney said he needed to get a new accountant. like the man needs another tax break. that is all i got today. thank you for taking my call. guest: that was one of my favorite parts of the first debate. romney is not good at the jocular line. he was in michigan when he observed the trees are the right height. it was bizarre. i think he was kidding and tried to ma
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8